• About Me

    I'm an Old School "Half" Programmer.

    I'm a Creative. I'm a Musician. I'm still a Gamer.

    I'm a lucky man, because I was able to make my passion as a job, and in the leisure time I enjoy to writing code, experience with programming, because "What You Code Is What You Get".

  • Indie Software

    Take a look at my Projects: Here you will find various informations about all the software released as "stable".

    Only Indipendent Productions: Complete applications or Demo, Videogames, Scripts and Miscelaneous Things I make for needs, study, or simply "just for fun".

  • Coding Experiments

    Take a look at my "Coding Experience": Here you will find any kind of informations about my active projects, still not released.

    For some of these "work in progress" could be available an unstable version that you can download.

  • The v4ldemar's Weblog

    I'm not a constant blogger, but sometime I like to write something about computer related arguments, talk about Softwares, also Music and Videogames, and about my projects, of course.

    Well, if you want to read something, take a look at v4ldemar's Weblog.

    Coming soon...
  • Contact Me

    If you need to contact me, please fill the following form:

  • Massimo "v4ldemar" Pinzaglia
  • http://www.v4ldemar.net
  • info@v4ldemar.net
  • MSN: v4ldemar@hotmail.it
  • JABBER: v4ldemar@gmail.com
  • SKYPE: v4ldemar
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