Released Indie Software

Mother :: A Computer Hacking Simulation

Mother is a computer game released in the year 2005 as a kind of Hacking Simulation.

With an Interactive Fiction based Gameplay, the game put you in a recent fantasy background, where the big world corporations controls the new global Network, born after the Internet Collapse.

The game was developed on the Mark Overmars GameMaker platform and (unfortunately) released only in Italian language.

If you are interested, in the Mother official web site you can find more informations and downloads.

v4ldemar's WSH Script Repository

The v4ldemar's WSH Script Repository is a collection of Visual Basic scripts made for miscelaneous needs, based on a core library written by me to simplify the code creation.

These scripts manage passwords creation, local hosts manipulation, mass renaming of files, creation of files with random contents, and some other functions.

What I Must Do

What I Must Do is a simple application written in AutoIt language able to manage a sort of events reminders.

You simply must to specify what you must and when remember, and the application will notify for you the event. Simple, quickly, light, without any other unnecessary additional functions!

Download 'What I Must Do'...
(Win32, Italian only, English version coming soon)

Password Mania

Password Mania is another application written in AutoIt that provide a quick way to generate random passwords.

This software can create random passwords by various algorithms, all user-customizable. The default installation provides different type of predefined algorithms, by three level of security strength, start from a human readable format, up to alpha-numerics totally random strings.

Download 'Password Mania'...
(Win32, Multi-language)