Unreleased Indie Software


DevStation is a Web-oriented Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the creation of Sites and Web applications.

The primary goal of the project is to provide a light and useful development environment, to write HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and XML, with advanced functionality for publishing and debugging.

The application was written in C# on the Microsoft .NET platform, and currently provide support for:

DevStation development is still in alpha status, and the download of a testing version will be available coming soon.

Mother ZerOS

Mother ZerOS is the sequel of the Computer Hacking Simulation Mother the my first Videogame production.

Unlike its predecessor, Mother Zeros was developed in C++/OpenGL for both Windows and Linux platforms.

For the moment the game is available in beta version, only in Italian language, with some testing missions (of course i have voluntary omitted to provide the missions of the main plot)

Is also possible to test all the advanced functionality of the game, as the possibility to make custom game contents with the embedded scripting language m2script, using the Mother ZerOS Construction Kit (m.0 c. k.).

For more detailed information and downloads visit the Mother ZerOS official web site.

Liquid Web

The main goal of the Liquid Web project is to provide an on-line IDE, specific for the "everywhere" development of Sites and Web applications.

Conceptually, Liquid Web is a mid way through a CMS and a Web framework, and it's based to a main core system written in PHP, with an on-line Back End powered by Jquery technology.

It's not a tool designed for beginners: To work with it you should must have a basic skills of HTML and PHP. Liquid Web will help user to manage contents of a Web site, by edit it with on-line tools that provide a quick way to implement new features and contents.

Coming soon more detailed information about Liquid Web.


Soundcoder is born as a singular idea: Develop an application able to play a music track, through the reading of a file written with a specific programming language.

Program your Music is the main concept around Soundcoder: Write a sequence of commands in a text file to control a flux of audio samples in a time-line, and execute it through a binary interpreter.

For now, the project is still in a concept status and are not available no more informations and/or downloads.